Construction Industry Drone Applications

Drones can be used in construction site monitoring as a tool to document progress as well as to ensure the construction site is following industry regulations.

Drones can also be equipped with mapping software to produce accurate site surveys.  This ensures builders are following architectural and engineering requirements.

Drones equipped with thermal and visual cameras can also conduct building inspections and capture the effectiveness of venting systems, solar loading, and exterior damage.

DJI PHANTOM 4 RTK – A Game Changer for Construction Drone Use

Drone technology has helped the construction industry boost productivity and digitize workflows. The all-new DJI Phantom 4 RTK is the tool that takes construction mapping to a new level. Exceptional surveying deliverables can be achieved thanks to its built-in centimeter-level navigation and positioning system, as well as the high-performance imaging system that supports both RTK and PPK.

Watch how German construction group STRABAG leverages this innovative drone solution to streamline construction surveying workflows, increase efficiency and create detailed 3D models.