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Inspection Industry Drone Applications

Drones are overtaking the inspection industry and for all the right reasons. Drones can be used to save time that is critical to construction build times by surveying cites faster while also building maps of the site. Instead of using expensive equipment that can be complex and confusing, drones have paved the way to do the job in half the time while producing more specific data at less of an overhead cost.  Whether it is a home or industrial inspection, drones make the task safer and less expensive. Forget about using ladders, ropes or rigs while inspecting an infrastructure; you won’t need it with drone technology.

M200 Series– A Powerful Powerline Inspection Tool

China’s Yunnan Province has an abundance of hydroelectric power, thus there is a requirement for inspecting and maintaining its vast powerline networks. The province’s jagged and mountainous terrain, however, make inspection dangerous and difficult.
Watch to learn how the DJI M200 Series tackles these difficulties effectively, enabling power line inspection teams to significantly increase their project turnaround time while minimizing the need for hazardous inspection practices.